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  • Tiguar barbell straight barbell TI-WPBPU040

Product code: ti-wpbpu040

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Manufacturer: Tiguar



  • Polyurethane straight barbells tiguar straight PU barbells are the highest quality barbells with constant load.
  • They are perfect for dynamic exercises with the change of load in series - by changing the weight, you change the barbell with which you are exercising.
  • Barbelle tiguar are equipped with a straight bar, 90 cm long and 32 mm in diameter.
  • The increased diameter of the grip increases the involvement of the forearm muscles and training efficiency.
  • Barbelles are available in 10 weights: from 5 kg to 55 kg (in 5 kg increments).
Product Type Training equipment
Sport Training
Strength equipment Dumbbells and weights
Subcategory Strength equipment
Category Accessories
Gender Unisex
Producer Tiguar
Material Polyurethane
Colour Black
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